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Notes from a Bedroom Studio

Or 'How I Long for a Garden Shed'
When I see people post on Facebook or the like about their lovely new garden studio or converted garage/basement/loft/spare room, I am in danger of lapsing into the old Monty Python four Yorkshiremen sketch and saying 'Hah, we used to dream of a garden shed...' My stained glass studio is a corner of my bedroom. My other half works from home occasionally, so he he commandeers the little back office (too small for making glass panels anyway) and my daughter runs her kids' clothing business from the study, so I get half the bedroom.

However, the positive aspects are numerous. Firstly, I have a lovely view out onto the cherry tree and then into the quiet street, where I can watch people passing while I work. Secondly, I have all my references, books and pictures around me all the time and last (but most important) I am working from home doing something I love. All my life I've wanted to do this, to be creative in some way and I have finally done it. I fully appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to do this and so the fact I am in my bedroom rather than a huge studio is a minor inconvenience.

And anyway, it's not what you have but what you do with it that matters!