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Visit to Rollright Stones

And a try at dowsing!
I love the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire and have visited them many times. I find them very atmospheric, very peaceful in spite of the fact that they're not as large and dramatic as some other stone circles. This visit I was lucky enough to arrive just in time to try out dowsing, which I've always wanted to have a go at! The warden was there, with rods for visitors to try (and buy as well, along with guide books and so on) and explained how to hold them and how to centre yourself first....and it worked!

I walked around the circle (more than once) and at certain points the rods crossed rather dramatically! Can't wait to try them again in Derbyshire at Arbor Low in Derbyshire next weekend.

I took several infrared photos at Rollright and I'm looking forward to processing those in Photoshop!